History of Asexuality

Reliable sources about asexuals in history are scarce, depressingly so, but I just stumbled across this video by Amelia Ace on -you guessed it- asexuality before AVEN. I had no idea that as early as 1896 not only was the word “asexual ” being used to describe people, but that in 1997 an article was published online titled, “My Life As Amoeba”. It was one of the earliest instances of an asexual person talking about being asexual, and not only that, but other seeming aces were engaging with the author in the comment section, and all of this was a good for years before AVEN. Here is the full video:


Happy Asexual Awareness Week! Here is devilishly cute kitten in honor of spooky season:

Until next time,

Keep oooooon aceing it!

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