Valid: A Poem

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! This is my submission for October’s Carnival of Aces, hosted by Constance004. 


You just haven’t found “the one”,

Go out and mingle in the sun, you’re young, they say, have fun.

It would be such a waste not to give away your pretty face,

your appealing exterior.

It’s what grown ups do – feel inferior.

Maybe something horrible in your youth keeps you from seeing the truth –

if not damaged, you’re an alien,


Sub human.

The undeniable urge to physically merge is so engrained in all living things,

go check your pulse, you can’t know until you try.

You don’t want to die – gasp – a virgin!

It’s all a lie,

You are not less, do not stress.

The haters just can’t give aces their spaces.

Beware the enticing trap of heteronormative conformity,

dare to stand tall and wave your flag.

You will not die a bitter hag, and virgin is far from a dirty word.

Under no circumstances should you follow the earth-bound, dismal herd.

Chisel away your fears.

They were right about one thing, but no, wait, dry yours tears!

You are not normal.

Spot your majestic kind soaring in the sky,

You are a dragon,

and only your reservations, your anxieties keep at bay your ability to fly.


Thank you for reading this horrendously cheesy poem! I had so many things I wanted to write about that just weren’t coming out poetically, and so I decided to take a humorous turn with it. In all seriousness my fellow aces, don’t listen to the ignorant haters, you are valid and beautiful.


Until next time,

Keep ooooooon Aceing It!





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